What is the Choreography Forum?

We want YOUR ideas to inspire our choreography.  Give us a concept: a happy experience, a sad experience, or a funny encounter...it can be ANYTHING!  We will select one idea, make a short dance, and post the video.  Tune in and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see if your idea was chosen.  Share your ideas NOW! 


Where can I share?

You can post any thoughts or ideas on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  


Where can I watch?

Full completed videos are posted on our Facebook page.  Videos will also make their way here on our website.  Check out some of our past Choreography Forum videos below! 


What should I post?

You can literally post any idea that you would like to see interpreted into movement.  Past ideas have included: breaking waves, seasons changing, Frogger, suburbanization, and much more!  It can be anything.  We love a good challenge! 






"Bad Luck"

"Go Out and Vote!"

"Slipping on Ice"