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Maddi Andree

Derek Ashburn

Margalee Becker

Luke Bandoske

Joann and Dale Bartlett

Margaret Bell

Brenna Bradley

Gerald Churchvara

Stefany Cotton

Katie Duffy

Brian Fitzpatrick

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

David Hoehn

Olivia Hull

Susan Januska

Ginger Korljan

Pat Kovacs

Gloria Latta

Jimmy and Amanda McMahon

Joyce and Walter Ovaert

Charlene Pahl

Patricia Prentice

Tammy Rayburn

Dave and Debbie Rudolph

Katherine Ryan

Michael and LeAnn Sulecki

Gary Swick

Ellen Vierse

Claire Watson


Rick and Laura Ashburn

Patrick Corcoran 

Debra Crosslin

Angela Irwin

Peter Laucis

Jeff McDonald

Mick and Gail Peterson

Michael Sulecki

Maggie Watts


Richard Ashburn

Steve Ashburn

Scott and Sharon Fink

Adam Hoeger

Aidan Hunter and Jess Kansman

Peter Masters

Chris and Creighton Runnette

Dave and Cathy Vierse 

Brandon Waters


Andrew and Robyn Ashburn

Tom Sinkovic

Viking Gymnastics & Dance



Gary Forshaw

Bob & Gwenn Lloyd

Scott Rader

Elizabeth Williams


Luke Bandoske

Ashley Deran

Corey Hunley

Dan Levin

Andrew Palmer

Jordan Selander

Mark Vella

Special thanks to the following organizations

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Thank you to the residency program at VOLTA Performing Arts for providing Hot Crowd with regular rehearsal space.  VOLTA Performing Arts promotes a dance education that enables students to capture their full potential as dancers and people in a safe, caring, and respectful environment.