Hot Crowd formed in January 2017 in Chicago, Illinois.  We are a group of friends that share a  passion for dance who joined together to make something beautiful.  We feel movement is fundamental to life and that all movement deserves notice and appreciation.  
If you can move, you can dance, and you should dance.


Hot Crowd is a young modern dance company whose goal is to stimulate and inspire dancers and non-dancers alike through innovative movement, community interaction, and accessibility to strengthen and spread the art of dance throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond.


"For me, dancing with this group is about open and honest exploration."

- Jordan Colovos (former dancer)

"Movement - specifically through dance - is a part of my soul. I relish the opportunity to work with fellow young and talented artists who, too, are comprised of the need to dance."

- Emmie Graham (former dancer)

"Hot Crowd Dance Company means opportunity, opportunity for something I consider vital in my life: making art, having a platform to declare my passion, being challenged creatively, and sharing moments through movement with my friends, old and new."

- Sarah Mills (former dancer)

"To me dancing with Hot Crowd means a lot of different things. It's about being an individual within a cohesive group. It also means a way to create new and innovative work in an environment where I feel safe yet challenged. It is about creating interesting, feel good and thought provoking movement."

- Sam Crouch