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Geared towards a technical dancer


Hot Crowd's Open Company Class is geared towards advanced dancers looking to connect and and share space with Hot Crowd company members. Classes rotate instruction, style and frequency. Classes are  a wonderful networking opportunity to meet company members and learn their particular movement style and vocabulary. Classes are held at Definition Dance Academy (2525 N. Elston, Chicago, IL, 60647) and donation based. 

Are you interested in guest teaching a Hot Crowd Company Class?  The purpose of our outreach is to bring together artistic representation and voice to all dancers in the Chicago community. These classes are geared toward teachers and dancers looking to connect, share space with and utilize Hot Crowd company members. Our goal is to rotate instruction, style and frequency based on what the teacher chooses to experiment with that day in order to challenge and educate our dancers as well. This is a wonderful networking opportunity as well as a creative outlet to work with a group of highly creative and talented dancers.  Classes are held at Definition Dance Academy (2525 N. Elston, Chicago, IL, 60647) and are donation based. The amount we pay you that day depends on how much we make in donations from that specific class. We run company classes the first Tuesday and last Tuesday of each month from 10 am - 11:15 am. We will begin classes October of 2022. Please fill out form below if interested!



Class line up will be announced mid May


Create With Community Class

Geared for EVERYONE!

This is not a dance technique class for professionals, but an interactive movement class geared towards creativity and connection. This class is not just for dancers but for anyone who wants to move! Maybe you know nothing about dance. Maybe you support dance, or maybe you haven't danced since you were 5 yrs. old. We want ALL of those individuals to participate and move with us. Everyone is welcome. Suggested $10 donation.


Interested in seeing more about our Create With Community classes? Check out our Vimeo or email us to request a special workshop!

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