Part of Hot Crowd's mission is to inspire the community, particularly younger generations, through the art of dance. Hot Crowd offers an engaging and unique experience to viewers of all ages. Whether you are a dance studio, arts program, public school, private school, or university, Hot Crowd can accommodate to your interests and needs. We would love to bring our creativity and work to you. See below for details on Hot Crowd's workshop programming. If interested or to learn more about workshop programming or pricing, contact Brittany Latta at


CLASSES (every type of class can be altered/catered to students’ level)

  • Modern technique – Hot Crowd modern dance technique classes are inspired by the fusion of classic modern techniques including Limón, Graham, and Horton. We focus primarily on energy efficient movement, giving into gravity, and spatial awareness through floor work, expansive movement, weight exchange, directional changes, and traveling with boundless quality.

  • Improvisation – We challenge dancers to expand their minds and bodies through creative and critical thinking prompts, tasks, and games in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Improvisation classes help dancers generate natural fluidity and move instinctively, redefining their artistic voice through movement.

  • Choreography – Through choreographic challenges, dancers are encouraged to broaden their movement vocabulary and express thoughts and ideas through abstract movement.

  • Partnering – Dancers explore their peers’ space and embrace the sensation of touch. Weight and momentum are highlighted in different tasks with a partner. Depending on the advancement of the students, certain lifts will be introduced to practice with a partner along with a movement phrase consisting of consecutive lifts.

  • Repertory – Learn choreography from Hot Crowds repertory. We juxtapose primal, muscular movement with delicate, simplistic gestural motions. Hot Crowd is bold, brassy, and unconventionally entertaining with choreographic imagination, intense athleticism, and theatrical tendencies.



Hot Crowd is happy to have a showcase concluding the workshop day(s). Hot Crowd would like the opportunity to share pieces of our work and perform for students and their families. This would also be a great opportunity for students to showcase any of their completed or work-in-progress routines along with show their families something that they learned during the workshop with Hot Crowd, whether that be them performing Hot Crowd repertory, a partner phrase, or their own choreography.



Hot Crowd is available to sit and have a panel discussion with studio dancers and/or their families to discuss dance in the world today, going to school for dance, opportunities post-graduation, and life as a professional dancer. Any questions or comments are welcome and we would love to take the time to connect on a conversational level with students.

Background Photo by William Frederking Photography