"The true test of any new company is not the first season, but the second. It’s easy to rally friends and family and garner support for new dance in this city; staying power is a much harder thing to develop. Formed in 2017, Hot Crowd is a company of seven dancers now faced with the uphill battle of finding its niche in Chicago’s dance landscape. And with “Internal Truce,” a two-act, mixed-repertory evening of dance through Saturday at Stage 773, I’m fairly confident they’ll find it."

- Lauren Warnecke, May 11, 2019 with See Chicago Dance Review

"Choreographer Emily Ashburn, Sam Crouch and Jacqueline Dennis kneel facing away from the audience, Crouch’s head flops back, there is stillness and sudden micro-moves that give way to a series of standing and low to the ground interlocking torsos and limbs. Ashburn holds the other dancers dropping heads (as we are scratching ours) intimacies are hinted at but- are they lovers, siblings, friends? or are they merely bodies moving in space? but however cryptic, this trio filled the stage with movement ideas."


-  Lewis J. Whittington with The Dance Journal (publication of